Rose Coen's Musical Round-Up is a new and innovative approach to preschool music. Rose is part singer- songwriter and part comedienne. The seamless transitions from song to song using amusing props and fun movements along with her witty repartee make this class an enjoyable alternative for parents and their preschoolers. In each class children will go all the way from grandpa's farm to the Amazon with a slithering rattlesnake and squeaking toucans.


Every child has a unique gift and way of expressing him/herself. Musical Round-Up encourages this gift and allows it to develop at its own pace.

Understanding Rhythm:
In its simplest form children will hear the rhythm of songs and mimic beats through movement.

Building Self-Esteem:
Children will use their imagination and ideas to build confidence and make them feel they are part of the creative process.



  • Hello World2:07